Afternoon Keynote Fireside Chat: Boosting Customer Engagement Through Taking A More Omnichannel Approach To Investment

26 Apr 2023
Theatre A
  • What are customer expectations of personalisation in 2023 from an omnichannel perspective? 
  • Where should retailers start when building a strategy to personalise to the customer at every touchpoint?    
  • How should personalisation change for the customer in the bricks and mortar environment vs virtual channels?
  • Which technologies and platforms should retailers be focussing when personalising across channels? 
  • What are the key data and privacy considerations retailers must consider for successful personalisation? 
  • How can retailers get the balance right between personalisation and great customer experience?
  • How can retailers avoid turning the customer off with excessive personalisation?
  • What will omnichannel personalisation look like in three years and what can retailers do today to prepare?     
Ajay Nassa, CEO - Virgin Megastore, Saudi Arabia