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Afternoon Keynote Fireside Chat: Building Flexibility And Adaptability In Your Supply Chain To Minimise The Impact Of Unprecedented Disruption

27 Apr 2023
Theatre A
  • How can retailers shift their mindset from anticipating problems to building flexibility and adaptability in volatile and complex environments?
  • How can retailers become more creative to find new supply chain solutions that keep costs down?
  • Which new technologies can help retailers be more flexible and adaptable in their supply chain?   
  • How can retailers achieve sufficient supply chain visibility and recognise challenges end to end?
  • Which innovations will allow retailers to achieve true insight from their supply chain visibility?
  • What new options should retailers be looking at in terms of where they buy their stock to shorten lead times? 
  • What key lessons has Covid and the Ukraine war taught retailers about supply chain flexibility and adaptability? 
  • How are retailers adapting to the driver shortage especially around peak trading?
  • What opportunities should retailers be looking at to share supply chain costs with other retailers? 
Amy McNamara, Head of Operations - Boohoo Group PLC