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Afternoon Keynote Fireside Chat: Demystifying NFTs And Understanding How They Can Drive Retail Revenue And Brand Awareness

26 Apr 2023
Theatre B
  • How can retail leaders get clarity on what an NFT is and how they are impacting the retail sector? 
  • How seriously should retail leaders take NFTs and why?  
  • Which demographics are the right target for NFTs and how is this changing? 
  • How can retailers create the right partnerships to navigate and exploit NFT opportunities effectively?
  • What does a successful NFT monetisation strategy look like for a retailer?
  • How are NFTs increasing brand awareness of today’s forward-thinking retailers?
  • Which retail success stores should you take example from when building an NFT strategy?  
  • Which mistakes do retailers need to avoid when embracing NFTs? 
  • How can the retail industry encourage more women to collect NFTs?
  • How will the NFT landscape develop in the next five years and what do retailers need to be doing today to prepare?
Nina Patel, Former Director of Innovation - Retail & Web3, - Farfetch