Afternoon Keynote Fireside Chat: Driving Down Costs Through Pivoting Your Business Around The Shift To Ecommerce

27 Apr 2023
Headline Theatre
  • You’ve been heading up Iceland’s online business since 2016 growing it from under £100m-£1billion in five years.  What have been the highlights for you on that journey and the key lessons learnt?
  • Which key eCommerce pitfalls would you recommend other online retailers watch out for in particular in order to keep their costs down?
  • Over the last few years retail has experienced a shift to eCommerce growth.  How has Iceland embraced that opportunity and what did the journey and transformation look like?
  • How has the eCommerce shift impacted Iceland’s ability to lower costs over the last three years of disruption?   
  • You also head up digital marketing for Iceland.  What new digital marketing opportunities do you feel offer retailers the best ROI in 2023? 
  • Iceland has over 1000 stores and around 33,000 employees so how have you been able to build the right culture and company mindset to capitalise on the eCommerce opportunity? 
  • Iceland also owns the 150+ Food Warehouse stores.  What are your eCommerce plans for that brand?   
  • Iceland has won awards in the area of innovation.  Are there any new eCommerce innovations you feel stand out as a real opportunity to lower costs?
  • Iceland makes more than half a million deliveries a week.  What advice would you give to other retailers in their delivery strategy? 
  • How will Iceland’s eCommerce business develop in the next three years and what are you most excited about? 
David Devany, CEO Online & Group Chief Marketing, Customer & Digital Officer - Iceland Foods