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Afternoon Keynote Fireside Chat: How Can Retailers Fight Back Effectively Against Financial & Returns Fraud?

27 Apr 2023
Theatre B
  • How did omnichannel loss prevention strategy change during Covid and how has it evolved since then? 
  • How is the increase in returns impacting retailers from a fraud perspective ?
  • How can retailers improve their returns processes to reduce risk?
  • How can retailers achieve greater intelligence into their level of vulnerability to fraud and financial crime through simple steps?
  • Which countries are most security risks coming from and how should retailers respond to this? 
  • What new technology innovations can retailers use to protect themselves more effectively from increasing threats? 
  • How can retailers best protect their brand reputation with the mitigation measures they deploy?
  • Where should retailers be investing in their legacy infrastructure to reduce their risk?  
  • How can smaller retailers with smaller budgets best protect themselves from retail risk-related crime? 
  • How has the trend towards hybrid and remote working changed the trading risk landscape and what can retailers do about it?