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Consumer & staff journey which is just right - Is there really a ‘one size fits all’?

27 Apr 2023
TECH Talks Theatre

Steve Ingram - Director for Retail at Deloitte & Orit Bar-Ad, VP of Strategic Initiatives and Innovation Partnerships for GK Software, invites you to hear insights into consumer behavior and shared experiences of leading retailers in over 65 countries.

In this session, we will cover:

  • Achieving a suitable, flexible, and easy-to-change journey
  • Blending experiences, convivence convenience, and service whilst retaining operational efficiency
  • Leveraging an open & flexible commerce platform with the right touchpoints, level of automation, and personalization to fit your brand, channel, format, and location.


Steve Ingram, Director, Retail - Deloitte
Orit Bar-Ad, VP Strategic Initiatives & Innovation Partnerships - GK Software