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Opening Keynote Fireside Chat: Tougher Times, Tougher Tactics: Retail Leadership During A Cost-Of-Living Crisis

26 Apr 2023
Headline Theatre
  • Retail has seen unprecedented disruption over the last three years.  What key lessons has this period taught you about both good and bad leadership? 
  • How should retailer leaders respond effectively to the UK’s current cost of living crisis and its impact on customer behaviour?
  • Which retail leaders do you admire the most and why?
  • What mistakes do retailers often make within their leadership strategy and how can these best be avoided?
  • You led JD Sports Fashion plc from 2004-2022 from a UK-only retailer to have stores in 27 territories.  How did this international insight impact your leadership strategy? 
  • You were appointed as chairman of The Fragrance Shop last November.  How has moving from apparel to fragrances impacted how your leadership strategy and why?
  • JD Sports Fashion grew exponentially during your leadership ultimately becoming a FTSE 100 company. What did this period teach you about effective communication with both colleagues and customers?
  • How do you see the omnichannel experience evolving and what role should leaders be playing in it? 
  • If you could give one piece of leadership advice to retailers of any size for the next two years what would it be?     
Peter Cowgill, Chairman, Non-Executive Chairman, Quiz plc and United Carpets & Former Executive Chairman & CEO, JD Sports Fashions plc (2004-2022) - The Fragrance Shop