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Empowering Retailers with Uninterrupted Contactless Payments through 5G/4G Wireless Connectivity

26 Apr 2023
TECH Talks Theatre

Retail has transformed significantly in recent years, with high street retailers in the UK adapting to changing consumer behaviour due to e-commerce and COVID-19. Contactless and online payments are becoming the norm, and customers are demanding better in-store experiences such as dynamic digital displays, pop-up kiosks, and ‘buy online / pick-up in-store' options. However, with limited availability of copper landline connections, many retailers are wondering how to improve their stores for this new digital age that requires high levels of connectivity.

Join us to explore the top five winning strategies that helped retailers achieve success in the age of contactless payments and digital transformation. Our live chat will cover:

  • Ensuring uninterrupted contactless payments has become a key priority for retailers.
  • Overcoming challenges associated with network failover and diversity, with affordable solutions.
  • Improving network performance, especially for speedy delivery companies like Getir, with affordable pricing options available.
  • Taking back control of the network from MPLS vendors and implementing self-management with Lean IT to overcome IT talent shortages or inflexible service providers.
  • Implementing pay-by-app/self-service kiosks/digital signage parallel networks and basic IoT applications to improve the customer experience.