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Keynote Fireside Chat: In conversation with Steven Bartlett

27 Apr 2023
Headline Theatre
  • What advice would you give to retailers wanting to make the most of social media in the next three years and why? 
  • Which new social media innovations are really exciting you currently and what do they mean for eCommerce? 
  • You’re the host of Europe's most downloaded business podcast, Diary of A CEO.  What key lessons has the podcast taught you that you feel would be of real value to today’s retailers?
  • Which of your podcast hosts inspired and surprised you the most and why?   
  • What advice would you give to a retailer who was pitching you on Dragon’s Den for investment?
  • You’ve invested in Huel, which is the UK’s fastest growing ecommerce company internationally.  What attracted you to invest in the company? 
  • In 2021 you founded thirdweb in the web3 apps space?  Why should retailers take web3, the metaverse and NFTs seriously? 
  • With the benefit of hindsight, what would you have done differently in your career and why? 
  • Which new technologies do you think are going to have the biggest impact on retail in the short-medium term and why?
  • What new projects do you have on the horizon that you’ve not yet announced?