Fireside Chat Interview: Overcoming Key Supply Chain Pain Points Using RFID Technology

27 Apr 2023
Theatre A
  • What are the key pain points you have experienced within your supply chain that RFID has helped you overcome? 
  • How did you go about choosing a solution provider to work with on RFID and what did the relationship look like? 
  • What did the implementation and roll out process look like and how long did it take? 
  • What RFID challenges did you encounter and how did you best overcome them? 
  • What results have you seen in terms of stock accuracy, loss prevention, increased sales and increased efficiencies as a result of your RFID implementation? 
  • How did RFID help you solve supply chain challenges brought about by Covid 19?
  • How can retailers have a more omnichannel approach to RFID? 
  • What new advancements are we seeing in RFID and how will they benefit supply chain management?
  • How is RFID likely to develop over the next three years and how should retailers be preparing for it today?     
John Cooper, Senior Director Merchandising, Supply, Applied Analytics & Transformation - George Clothing (part of Asda Group)