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Fireside Chat Interview: How Can Retail Leaders Ensure Their Workforce Can Truly Perform At Their Highest Level?

26 Apr 2023
Headline Theatre
  • You’ve interviewed some of the planet’s highest performers on your podcast.  What key lessons have you learnt about how people can truly perform at their highest level?
  • What can retailers learn from the sports world about high performance and who in particular do you think they should take example from?
  • How would you define high performance within retailing and which retailers inspire you in this area the most? 
  • How can retail leaders ensure they have the right mindset to perform at their highest level and ensure their workforce do as well? 
  • What does a successful high-performance culture look like and how can retail leaders approach creating if effectively? 
  • In your recent book you refer to high performance being a journey rather than an outcome?  How would you describe that journey? 
  • What mistakes do leaders make when approaching high performance how can they best be avoided? 
  • How will high performance evolve over the next three years and what can retailers be doing today to prepare?