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Fireside Chat Interview: What I’ve Learnt About Retail Innovation From Working At Amazon, Tesco Labs And Deliveroo

26 Apr 2023
Theatre B
  • Why was Tesco Labs started and what role did you have in creating it?
  • How did Tesco Labs work with both start-ups and research institutes and what did that teach you about retail innovation?
  • Which innovations at Tesco had the most success and which of them did you wish you’d avoided? 
  • How did working at Amazon differ from your Tesco experience and what key lessons did you learn there? 
  • At Amazon you worked on Alexa grocery shopping.  How do you think voice shopping innovation will develop over the next five years?
  • What retail innovations are you currently working on at Deliveroo? 
  • Which innovations will have the most impact on the retail landscape?
  • What advice would you give to retailers who want to have an innovation mindset?
  • What key skills will retailers need to focus on to drive innovation going forward?