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Keynote Panel Discussion: Omnichannel Retailing 2020-2023: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly! What Key Lessons Have Omnichannel Retailers Learnt About Retailing During Unprecedented Disruption?

27 Apr 2023
Headline Theatre
  • What key lessons has Covid 19 taught omnichannel retailers? 
  • How are UK omnichannel retailers adapting to the Brexit landscape and where is this headed?
  • What have omnichannel retailers learnt about their customers from recent economic disruption? 
  • What new opportunities has recent disruption presented to omnichannel retailers?
  • Which retailers have been flourishing during the last three years and what can we learn from them? 
  • With the benefit of hindsight, what should omnichannel retailers have done differently over the last three years? 
  • What retail leadership and culture strategies worked over the last three years and which didn’t? 
  • What has the last three years taught omnichannel retailers about supply chain strategy? 
  • Which technologies have been crucial to omnichannel survival over the last three years?  
Cassandra Bergsland, Director Omnichannel - John Lewis & Partners
Marni Allen, Former Director, Consumer Healthcare Futures - Walgreens Boots Alliance
Raine Peake, Former Digital Director - Jigsaw Clothing
Nikki Baird, Vice President, Strategy - Aptos