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Keynote Panel Discussion: Predicting How Key Innovations Impacting Retail Today Will Evolve By 2028

26 Apr 2023
Theatre B
  • How will retailers be using the metaverse by 2028?
  • How will artificial intelligence be used in five years’ time by retailers that it is not used today? 
  • What proportion of deliveries will be made by robots, drones and autonomous vehicles by 2028? 
  • How will social media use by retailers develop over the next five years? 
  • What new innovations in retail automation will we see by 2028? 
  • How can we expect the retail checkout experience to develop over the next five years?  
  • How will augmented reality be used by retailers by 2028? 
  • How will the retail payment landscape develop over the next five years? 
  • Which sustainability innovations will make the most impact by 2028?
  • What new innovations in voice ordering will we see over the next five years? 
Paul Wilkinson, Product Leader, Deliveroo, Retail Innovation Expert, ex-Amazon & Tesco Labs - Deliveroo
Kris Hamer, Director of Insight - British Retail Consortium
Jeannette Copeland, Technology Director - Ann Summers
Chris Thompson, Information Technology Architect - Bravissimo