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Keynote Panel Discussion: Rethinking Your Workforce And Culture During Periods Of Unprecedented Disruption

26 Apr 2023
Headline Theatre
  • What does a successful hybrid or work from home strategy look like in retail and how can technology help this?
  • How can you reposition your culture to maximise workforce motivation, innovation and happiness in times of uncertainty?
  • How can you create supportive working environments to inspire colleagues during times of disruption?
  • Which new recruitment methods and technologies offer the best results in the face of the recruitment crisis?
  • How are key job descriptions in retail changing to reflect the current period of disruption?
  • How can you approach workforce retention, benefits and reward in the face of the cost-ofliving crisis?
  • What does quiet quitting look like in retail and how should you respond to it?
  • How can you respond to the lack of European workers due to Brexit?
  • How is the gig economy changing how retail workforce are being hired and how can technology help?
  • What does work-life balance look like in the 2023 retail industry and how can leaders deliver it?
  • How can retail improve its reputation as an attractive longer-term career choice?
Poppie Foakes, Director of Product and Innovation - The Retail Trust
Diana Dimitian, SVP Managing Director South Europe, North Africa - Levi Strauss & Co.
Maxine Blackwell, Chief People Officer - Bensons for Beds
Astrid Thams, VP Strategic Retail - Fanatics