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Opening Keynote Fireside Chat: Understanding How Human Connectivity And The Kindness Economy Are The Future Of Retail

27 Apr 2023
Headline Theatre
  • In your recent book ‘Rebuild’ you talk about how businesses can thrive in the new kindness economy. How would you define the new kindness economy and why should retailers embrace it? 
  • What role does technology play in creating the kindness economy?
  • How relevant is the term ‘omnichannel’ in 2023 retailing? 
  • When Covid hit, brick and mortar retailing took a massive hit whilst eCommerce thrived.  How do you see the retail landscape developing over the next two years?  
  • How has consumer behaviour changed over the last couple of years and how should retailers be responding to it going forward? 
  • Which retail brands do you admire the most for their creativity and why?
  • What does great customer service look like in 2023 and what mistakes do retailers need to avoid in this area?  
Mary Portas, Founder & Co Chair (Better Business Act) - Portas Agency