Panel Discussion: Social Purpose Is Good For Business – Unpacking The S Of ESG Within Your Payments And Checkout Strategy

27 Apr 2023
Theatre B
  • How are retailers responding to ESG demands in 2023 and how has this developed over the last three years of disruption? 
  • What does an effective social purpose strategy look like for a retailer and what is your organisation doing in this space? 
  • Why should retailers approach social purpose within their payments and checkout strategy and what does a good implementation look like?    
  • How can retailers take a more omnichannel approach to micro-donations? 
  • What impact have you seen of your micro-donations on the communities they serve, your customers and on your workforce?
  • How have micro-donations been used to support the humanitarian relief efforts from major appeals and campaigns? 
  • How will social purpose evolve over the next three years within retail payments and checkout and what can retailers do today to prepare?    
Alison Hutchinson CBE, CEO Pennies, NED, LV + Senior Independent Director - Pennies, DFS plc, Foresight Group Holdings and Yorkshire Building Society