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Using AI And Big Data To Reduce Returns, Inventory, Unworn Clothes, Landfill & Carbon Footprint

27 Apr 2023
Theatre A
  • Technology, AI and Data Science has to be used to improve sustainability and reduce the carbon footprint of the retail industry
  • It is important that all industries share technology and there is cross fertilisation. The only way to do this is to work together and share
  • Industry and Academia need to come together in cost effective and collaborate ways and work as teams to reduce the carbon footprint in retail
  • The technology is out there already, the retail industry just needs to get using it
  • The industry needs to look at things from a different perspective. Radical thinking, not trying to fix existing problems.
Julia Reynolds, Founder, Rey House Clothing, Former CEO, Blacks Leisure Group, Antler, & Figleaves & Founder, F&F (Tesco)