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Fireside Chat: Are You Looking For Love ? Improving Consumer Experience Using Mobile Apps- The Gen Z Perspective!

26 Apr 2023
Theatre A
  • What matters most in the customer experience when using mobile apps?
  • What would make a Gen Z consumer obsess over a retailer’s mobile app and why?
  • What gamification aspects do the Gen Z enjoy the most and what can retailers learn from this?
  • Why do Gen Z love the consumer experience with reality tv apps and what can retailers learn from this ?
  • What consumer experience is missing from retailer apps and how can retailers best fill the gap ?
  • How can retailers create loyalty and repeat purchasing behaviour through their mobile apps?
  • Why do some consumers disengage with a mobile apps and what can retailers do to prevent this?
  • How do different genders respond differently to mobile apps and customer experience?
  • How will retail mobile apps evolve over the next three years and what should retailers be doing today to stay ahead of the pack?  
Amna Khan, Senior Lecturer - Manchester Metropolitan University
Michelle Gledhill, Senior Lecturer, Marketing Communications Expert - Manchester Metropolitan University