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How Can Omnichannel Retailers Drive Sales And Innovation By Thinking Like A Pureplay

27 Apr 2023
Headline Theatre
  • What are the key differences between an omnichannel mindset and a pureplay one?
  • What key advantages do pureplay retailers have over their omnichannel competitors?
  • What are the key elements of a strategy to move your thinking to a pureplay one? 
  • How can you sell the benefits of acting like a pureplay to the board? 
  • How can you create the right culture internally for your colleagues to embrace a shift in their way of working and keep up with the pace of change ? 
  • How to achieve a fail fast mentality when your colleagues are not used to it? 
  • How can measure the success of your strategy to ensure it is actually driving sales and market share? 
  • How can omnichannel retailer ensure agility is at the heart of everything they do? 
  • How can you best avoid key barriers and slowness to ensure your strategy stays on track? 
Simon Pakenham-Walsh, Chief Technology Officer - Sweaty Betty