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Tech for Social Purpose: Creating Community Impact through Payments

27 Apr 2023
TECH Talks Theatre

Payment providers are utilising existing infrastructure to create millions of pounds of social impact every year, and creating huge value for their merchant partners at the same time. Hear from Leila Van-Herbert of Europe’s leading payment service provider Worldline and Paul Seaman of award-winning fintech charity Pennies about how unlocking micro-donation solutions is creating upside for business, helping engage and retain colleagues and customers, providing vital support for charities in need, and helping build stronger communities.

In this session we will cover

  • Learn how payments are at the heart of a growing legacy of digital giving in the UK
  • Understand how payments infrastructure can add huge value for retailers, especially their ESG and CSR agendas
  • Hear from a leading global retailer about how payments solutions are helping build local and international charity impact


Leila Van-Herbert, Global Account Director, Merchant Services - Worldline
Paul Seaman, Chief Partner Officer - Pennies
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