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  1. Theatre A
    30 mins
    • Who’s in control of your decision-making when it comes to purchases?
    • How much algorithmic influencing is too much?
    • Should we ever attempt to dissuade a customer from making a purchase based on what we know about them? 
    • In this session we’ll explore the “good vs. evil” of technology as it applies to customer interactions
  1. Theatre A
    20 mins
    • What are the best ways to measure customer retention? 
    • How can retailers benchmark whether they are good at retaining customers?   
    • What key strategies should retailers be using to maximise customer retention when they are being more cautious in spending money? 
    • How should retailers re-evaluate their pricing strategy to keep customer coming back? 
    • Which technologies offer the best ROI in driving customer retention in a challenging economy?
    • Which new marketing techniques are becoming increasingly important for customer retention?  
    • How should retailers rethink their loyalty programmes to reflect the current economy? 
  1. Theatre A
    30 mins
    •  Reviewing which social channels offer you the most benefit in 2023 and capitalising on the right ones to get first mover advantage 
    • Awareness of people buying from people - in-house and third-party brand influencers 
    • Assessing how user-generated organic content, made fast and using native tech, can be used to enrich your communities 
    • Agile engagement with new trends to influence your content and social strategies
    • Building in-house tech and data to optimise content, and to convert and retain attention in your own ecosystem 
    • Understanding how to offer your users and community continued added value - putting them first always 
  1. Theatre A
    30 mins
    • Building a business case for omnichannel technology
    • Understanding why customers and colleagues should be at the heart of every development
    • Transforming your business through faster sales, increased revenue and better-performing store associates
    • Achieving ROI and transaction time in record time
    • Ensuring customers can complete purchases anytime, anywhere, with full, accurate sales attribution
  1. Theatre A
    30 mins
    • Where should retailers start when building an omnichannel strategy for the customer at every touchpoint?     
    • What are the key drivers to boost customer engagement in the bricks and mortar environment vs virtual channels? 
    • Which technologies, platforms or areas of the business should retailers be focusing their investment on?  
    • How can retailers get the balance right between personalization and great customer experience? 
    • How can retailers avoid turning the customer off with excessive personalization?
    • What will omnichannel personalization look like in three years and what can retailers do today to prepare?    
    • What does the competitive landscape look like and how would retailers stay ahead?
  1. Theatre A
    30 mins
    • Evaluating which experiences will delight your shoppers
    • Leveraging your brand's DNA to drive meaningful experience and competitive advantage
    • Driving engagement and wallet share by ensuring your stores offer an immersive experience
    • Assessing which store technologies will delight customers and offer a return on investment
    • Establishing best practice and measuring the quality of your in-store customer experience
  1. Theatre A
    30 mins
    • What matters most in the customer experience when using mobile apps?
    • What would make a Gen Z consumer obsess over a retailer’s mobile app and why?
    • What gamification aspects do the Gen Z enjoy the most and what can retailers learn from this?
    • Why do Gen Z love the consumer experience with reality tv apps and what can retailers learn from this ?
    • What consumer experience is missing from retailer apps and how can retailers best fill the gap ?
    • How can retailers create loyalty and repeat purchasing behaviour through their mobile apps?
    • Why do some consumers disengage with a mobile apps and what can retailers do to prevent this?
    • How do different genders respond differently to mobile apps and customer experience?
    • How will retail mobile apps evolve over the next three years and what should retailers be doing today to stay ahead of the pack?  
  1. Theatre A
    45 mins
    • How can retailers harness data to improve the customer proposition and add business value? 
    • How can retailers combine all their data to achieve a deeper understanding of their customers?  
    • How can data be used more effectively for personalisation and customer experience?  
    • How can retailers move effectively from data management to achieving real insight for intelligent decision making? 
    • How far should retailers go to clean their data? 
    • What are the simple steps retailers can take to assess vulnerability of their data? 
    • How can retailers build up customer data platforms more efficiently?
    • Which technologies offer retailers the best ROI when managing their data?