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Afternoon Keynote - The eCommerce entrepreneur- #anychannel

24 Apr 2024
Theatre A

Frankie offers a unique vision for those used to the status quo of “retail”. His first business, the sportswear brand TCA was an “Amazon brand”, where he focused on “Any channel” rather than Omnichannel. His latest venture Pott’d is once again using the paid media and social channels to both test product and drive demand - as well as being (of course) a marketplace seller at scale.

From Frankie’s inspiring Keynote you will take away:

  • A greater understanding of the Amazon seller world - at scale

  • Balancing demand generation across the channels

  • Amazon v Shopify channels

  • The founder mentality and resilience needed

Frankie Thorogood, Founder - Pott'd Creations
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