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Afternoon Fireside Chat: Reducing Emissions & Costs Whilst Increasing Efficiency By Embracing The Robot Delivery Opportunity

25 Apr 2024
Theatre A

The interviewer will ask the interviewee some of the following questions as well as asking the audience to ask some questions of their own:

  • What progress has been made in the UK in getting products delivered by robots? 
  • What impact will robot delivery have on a retailers sustainability impact? 
  • What costs savings can retailers realistically expect through robot delivery? 
  • What is the maximum size of product that can realistically be delivered by robot? 
  • How can retailers gain more trust in robot delivery? 
  • What are the risks retailers should be aware of with robot delivery? 
  • What needs to happen for robot delivery to be rolled out across the UK and who will scale it up? 
  • How long will it be before robot delivery is an everyday expectation?  
  • What is required to get local councils to buy into robot delivery? 
Grace Willkinson, Head of Online Last Mile & Customer Service - Co-op Group
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