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Fireside Chat Interview: Strengthening Your Loyalty Strategy To Drive Market Share In A Price-Sensitive Environment

24 Apr 2024
Theatre B

The interviewer will ask the interviewee some of the following questions as well as asking the audience to ask some questions of their own:

  • What does loyalty actually mean in 2024 for both retailers and customers?
  • How can retailers rethink their loyalty schemes to maximise the potential of locking customers in and remaining their favourite?    
  • How can retailers move their loyalty initiatives from delayed to immediate gratification? 
  • What can retailers do to measure the success of their loyalty activities?   
  • How can more loyalty be achieved outside of a loyalty scheme for retailers? 
  • What can retailers do to ensure their loyalty strategy actually drives market share and avoids giving away too much margin? 
Jonathan Haywood, Former Director Digital, Loyalty, CRM, Transformation - Holland & Barrett
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