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Fireside Chat: Building Brand advocacy in online

24 Apr 2024
Theatre A

Retail Brands that emerged as online businesses face a greater challenge than most in creating brand advocacy. Whilst customers enjoy the product in their homes, without touching and feeling the product any brand marketer has to be particularly focused and creative in order to really build a brand.

In this fireside chat Lauren - a Co-founder and Head of Brand at SNUG sofas will walk through the challenges and opportunities the business has faced, will debate the resourcing and focus needed to truly create a meaningful brand as an online pureplay. We will discuss:

  • The role of social in brand building

  • The move to physical - step by step

  • Franchise partners and their brand diligence

  • Amplifying the superfans

Lauren Hanifan, Co-Founder & Head of Branding - Snug
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