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Self-service: are you telling me we can boost sales AND reduce shrink? - Extenda Retail

24 Apr 2024
TECH Talks Theatre

The rise of self-service technologies in retail has revolutionized the shopping experience, but it has also brought about significant challenges, particularly in managing retail shrinkage. While self-checkout systems offer convenience, they also present a heightened risk of theft and fraud compared to traditional cashier-operated lanes.

In this session, we will cover:

  • Insights into alarming statistics for self-checkout systems, loss and shrinkage
  • Customer insights, understanding intentional or accidental theft
  • AI-driven tools to curb shrinkage rates associated with self-service technologies
  • Case study examples demonstrate the reduction retailers have experienced in their shrinkage while maintaining the self-checkout process's convenience.
Mohit Paul, CRO - Extenda Retail
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