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Fireside Chat: Using Innovation and Creativity To Acquire More Customers & Grow Your Business

24 Apr 2024
Theatre B

The interviewer will ask the interviewee some of the following questions as well as asking the audience to ask some questions of their own:

  • How can retailers use generative AI to solve real problems that will help them grow?
  • How should retailers approach partnerships to help them drive innovation more quickly? 
  • How can retailers get more creative to ensure customers get exactly what they want, when they want it?  
  • Which new innovations offer the best value to acquire more customers in 2024?
  • How can retailers re-think what customer experience means to ensure business growth and deliver on brand promises?
  • How are consumers behaving in 2024 compared to 2022 and what does that really mean for retail?
  • What mistakes do retailers make with innovation that should be avoided at all costs?
  • What does a world class delivery experience look like in 2024 and how can retailers achieve it?       
Paul Wilkinson, Product Director - Deliveroo
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