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Fireside Chat: In Conversation With Melissa Snover, CEO & Founder, Nourished

24 Apr 2024
Headline Theatre

The interviewer will ask the interviewee some of the following questions as well as asking the audience to ask some questions of their own:

  • Can you give me a quick overview of what Nourished does from a retail and manufacturing perspective and how successful it has been?  

  • What does personalisation look like at Nourished and what advice would you give to retailers to get the most value out of personalisation? 

  • What key lessons have you learnt about innovation on your journey of leading the Nourished business?

  • You are famously using 3D printing to manufacture your nutrient gummy stacks.   How do you see this playing out in other areas of retail? 

  • What innovations is Nourished using within automation and what advice would you give to retailers in this area? 

  • AI is currently the biggest opportunity in retail.  How are Nourished embracing this opportunity and how do you see AI developing within retail in the next five years?

  • What is Nourished doing to make the most of its data?

  • What approach in Nourished taking with sustainability and how can retailers to make an impact in this area?  

  • Nourished is using the subscription retail model as one of its routes to market. What are the keys to success within the subscription model? 

  • What do you think eCommerce will look like in three years and which innovations should retailers be paying most attention to?  

Melissa Snover, CEO & Founder - Nourished
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