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Panel Discussion: ASDA Executives Will Discuss The Journey And Realised Benefits Of Deploying Item-Level RFID Solutions To 450+ George Stores In The UK

25 Apr 2024
Theatre A
  • Have ASDA team to give a quick intro of ASDA and themselves.  Areas of responsibilities?
  • What were the compelling reasons for adopting item-level RFID in the George stores?
  • How is your business utilizing item-level RFID within stores and across the supply chain?
  • Can you talk about the hard and soft benefits you have found in the last year since deploying the solution?
  • Describe some of the responses from the different stakeholders in the business, from ownership to associate in the store?
  • Based on your journey, what 2-3 things would you encourage a retailer to consider before making the transformation to item-level RFID?
  • How is your organization looking to utilize the technology to drive more value within the ASDA enterprise going forward - both in-store and throughout the supply chain?
Nathan Jennings, Senior Director George - Tranformation, ASDA
Kirsty Buxton, Senior Transformation Manager - RFID - ASDA
Dean Frew, President - SML
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