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Profit-Optimising Retail Planning: How Can AI Supercharge Retail Profitability? - Invent Analytics

24 Apr 2024
TECH Talks Theatre

Discover how retailers can harness data-driven insights to elevate their bottom line and transform their retail operations. Learn how leading retailers are leveraging advanced analytics to gain a competitive edge and enhance customer satisfaction. Join us as we talk about the role of artificial intelligence in navigating the complexities of inventory management, from demand forecasting and replenishment to returns positioning.

In this session we will cover:

  • Optimised Retail Planning with AI: Artificial Intelligence streamlines retail planning tasks such as demand forecasting, replenishment and allocation, returns and markdowns assisting retailers in operating more efficiently.
  • Data-Driven Insights for Retail Success: Retailers can enhance profits and operations by effectively using data-driven insights.
  • Advanced Analytics for Competitive Advantage: Leading retailers use advanced analytics to stay ahead and improve customer satisfaction
Ozgur Karabulut, Head of Solutions - Invent Analytics
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