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Keynote Panel Discussion: Ask The Marketing Expert: How Will Retail Marketing Develop By 2027?

24 Apr 2024
Theatre B
  • How will customer-engagement develop over the next three years to create increased emotional connection? 

  • What new methods will prevail by 2027 for retailers to create more value for their customers?   

  • Which social commerce innovations will we see over the next three years and how can we capitalise on them?  

  • How will AI play a role in retail marketing by 2027 and what is needed to maximise its potential?  

  • How will the store, online and omnichannel customer experience develop over the next three years?  

  • Which technology innovations will offer retail marketeers the best opportunities for cost reduction by 2027?

  • How will the role of data develop over the next three years from a retail marketing perspective?  

  • What will customer loyalty look like in 2027 and how can we achieve ROI from our loyalty initiatives?

  • How should marketers approach removing friction from the customer journey to increase conversion over the next three years?     

  • Should retailers embrace or ignore the metaverse within their short-term marketing strategy? 

David McGrath, Chief Marketing & Membership Officer - The Channel Islands Co-operative Society
Carl Boutet, Digital Marketing, Customer & Retail Innovation Lecturer - Asian Institute of Technology & McGill University
Neil Dulake, Head of Retail - GCS, Google
Liz McNamara, Marketing Director - Get The Label
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