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Keynote Panel Discussion: Ask The Technology Leader: What Does Retail Innovation Look Like In 2024?

24 Apr 2024
Headline Theatre
  • What are the top three innovations retailers should be paying attention to in 2024 and why?  

  • Which innovations show the best ROI currently for cost reduction and efficiency gains?  

  • Which in-store innovations have impressed you the most in the last year?  

  • Which new innovations are driving the most customer engagement and loyalty in 2024?  

  • How can retailers create an engaging internal culture of innovation in today’s environment?    

  • Which current payment innovations do you think will become mainstream?  

  • Which supply chain innovations are having the most impact on retailers sustainability goals? 

  • How seriously should retailers take the metaverse in 2024 and why? 

  • Which start-up projects are exciting you the most currently?

Paul Sims, Chief Architect - Primark
Nina Mimica, Chief Innovation Officer & Board Member - Studenac Market
Simon Pakenham-Walsh, Chief Information Officer - River Island
Martin Rushton, Commercial Project Manager - AF Blakemore (SPAR)
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