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Keynote Panel Discussion: Increasing Competitive Advantage By Embracing The AI Revolution

24 Apr 2024
Headline Theatre
  • Which tasks and job functions of retail are being impacted the most by AI in 2024 and why?  

  • How can AI help retailers acquire and retain more customers and increase market share?   

  • How is AI enabling the retailer to maximise efficiency and reduce costs in 2024?  

  • What does AI mean for colleagues in general and the retail job market going forward?  

  • What is the right balance of people and computers to maximise AI’s benefits?  

  • How should a retailer get started on their AI adoption journey and what do the timescales look like?

  • What are the fundamental elements of an effective AI strategy?  

  • Which key safety, trust and ethical initiatives should be incorporated into every retailer’s AI strategy?

  • What are the AI key pitfalls that retailers need to avoid at all costs?   

  • Which new skills, training and job titles do retailers need to focus on to exploit the AI opportunity?    

  • How will AI develop over the next five years and how will this impact the landscape of the retail market? 

John Bates, Technology Director - Morrisons
Lynn Beattie, Director of Technology - B&Q
Nikki Baird, Vice President of Strategy - Aptos Retail
Paul Wilkinson, Product Director - Deliveroo
Dave Abbott, Head of Information Technology - Morleys Department Stores
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