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Keynote Panel Discussion: Which Innovations In Customer Delivery Will Make Retailers Stand Out From The Crowd & Drive Loyalty?

25 Apr 2024
Theatre A
  • Which new innovations should retailers be focussing on to reduce the time from order to delivery? 

  • How is delivery changing as sustainability becomes more important to the retailer and customer? 

  • How can retailers best embrace robot delivery and differentiate themselves? 

  • Amazon has announced drone delivery in the UK to launch in 2024.  How will this disrupt the retail delivery landscape?  

  • What innovation lessons can the retail sector learn from the restaurant sector about delivery innovation?

  • Which innovations in customer communications throughout the delivery process are driving the most loyalty?  

  • Will new innovations is Amazon Fulfilment bringing to the delivery table? 

  • Which innovations in delivery are having the biggest impact on cost reduction? 

  • How is the delivery from store trend changing the delivery landscape?  

  • How is AI impacting the delivery landscape?  

  • What efficiencies are we seeing through innovations in route planning for delivery?

Caroline Varga, Head of UK & Ireland - Uber Direct
Grace Willkinson, Head of Online Last Mile & Customer Service - Co-op Group
Rob Owst, Head of Home Delivery - B&Q
Simon Finch, Supply Chain Director - Harrods
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