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Keynote Panel Discussion: How Can Retailers Maximise Transactions In 2024 Through An Effective Payment Strategy

25 Apr 2024
Theatre B
  • What payment methods should retailers be offering both in store and online in 2024?

  • How can retailers approach meeting their customers' high payment expectations currently? 

  • What is the best way to remove friction from the customer payment experience in 2024?

  • What innovations have retailers seen in the last year within self-checkout and just walk out payment technology?

  • How important is buy now pay later within the retailer's payment strategy of 2024?  

  • What developments have we seen in mobile payment in store in the last year?  

  • What differences are we seeing in the payment habits of younger shoppers in 2024?  

  • How important are cryptocurrencies to a retailer’s current payment strategy? 

  • What developments have retailers seen in the last year to minimise payment fraud?   

  • What approach should retailers take in 2024 towards payment orchestration?

Jeannette Copeland, Technology Director - Ann Summers
Aidan Connor, Digital Product & Data Director - Bulk
Richard Surman, Head of Technology - Crew Clothing
Jasper Goeman, Senior VP Sales, Europe - Nuvei
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