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Optimising Retail Operations with Reliable Connectivity - KORE Wireless

24 Apr 2024
TECH Talks Theatre

With more business-critical systems from the point of sale and food safety to employee training, downtime can bring businesses to a halt with a big revenue hit. There are many challenges when managing connectivity - from integrating various devices and systems to ensuring seamless communication. However, there is an answer to deploying IoT solutions easily and it’s not IoT. We’ll delve into simplifying connectivity complexity through the utilisation of pre-configured solutions and how adopting pre-configured solutions, including reduced setup time, lower maintenance costs, and enhanced scalability.

We look at: 

- The challenges businesses face due to downtime

- Business use cases, such as primary internet connection, new technologies, and network augmentation

- How adopting pre-configured solutions reduces setup time, lowers maintenance costs, and enhances scalability

Adam Kent, Director, Product Manager Caas - KORE Wireless
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