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Opening Keynote Fireside Chat: Generative AI: Making Sense Of A Major Retail Opportunity

24 Apr 2024
Headline Theatre
  • What key lessons have you learned about AI from working at Google DeepMind, Meta and SpaceX?

  • Which real-life applications and business benefits does generative AI offer to a retailer? 

  • What does generative AI really mean for retailers from a risk, compliance and copyright perspective?

  • What key steps do retailers need to take to make generative AI operational within their businesses? 

  • What does generative AI mean for jobs and skills in the retail sector and how can retailers achieve the right balance of people and computers? 

  • What will be the biggest disruptions that retailers will have to manage as a consequence of generative AI? 

  • How can retailers build more trust in generative AI and ensure they use it responsibly ? 

  • What are the biggest misunderstandings that retailers have about generative AI?

  • Where do you see generative AI going over the next few years within retail and what excites you the most?

  • You’ve worked closely with Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page and Eric Schmidt.  What key lessons did you learn about innovation and leadership from each of these experiences? 

Dex Hunter-Torricke, Head of Global Communications & Marketing - Google DeepMind & Former Executive, Facebook and SpaceX
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