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In Conversation With Dr Nick Beighton, Chairman Secret Sales & Former CEO, and Matches

25 Apr 2024
Headline Theatre
  • You’ve been leading high-profile pureplay retail companies since 2009.  What key lessons has this taught you about effective leadership and company culture?
  • As CEO of ASOS you grew sales from £178m to £4bn, and employees from 150-15,000. What were the key highlights for you in your ASOS journey and which key challenges did you have to overcome?
  • The last few years has been challenging for many retailers.  What advice would you give to them about managing and growing a workforce during challenging and disruptive times?
  • In many ways the customer is the biggest disruptor. They expect and demand more in terms of engagement, customer experience and digital interaction. What advice would you have for those retailers trying to navigate these challenges?
  • How can retail leaders ensure their workforce truly connects to their company’s values?
  • What key lessons can bricks and mortar retailers learn from successful pureplays in 2024?
  • You are an advisor to a generative AI company.  How do you see AI developing in the retail space and why?
  • What will retail leadership look like in 2027 and what should leaders be doing today to prepare?
Dr Nick Beighton, Chairman Secret Sales & Former CEO, and Matches
Andrew Busby, Founder - Redline Retail
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