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Opening Fireside Chat: Boosting Sales By Taking Personalisation To The Next Level

24 Apr 2024
Theatre B

The interviewer will ask the interviewee some of the following questions as well as asking the audience to ask some questions of their own:

  • How do you approach personalisation at Look Fabulous Forever and what impact has personalisation had on your business?
  • What new personalisation innovations are showing the best ROI? 
  • How can retailers use AI effectively for personalisation to drive sales and market share? 
  • What does great personalisation look like from an after-sales service perspective? 
  • What are the challenges in implementing personalised website experiences?
  • Which retailers stand out from the crowd as having truly nailed personalisation? 
  • What pitfalls should retailers avoid at all costs when taking their personalisation to the next level? 
  • How is personalisation likely to develop in the next three years and what can retailers do today to stay ahead of the game? 
Janis Thomas, Managing Director - Look Fabulous Forever
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