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Panel Discussion: The Growth Panel

24 Apr 2024
Theatre A

Many retailers have experienced at least 10% annual growth in their online businesses for the last 10+yrs. As online starts to both mature and settle back post Covid, so the challenge of growing consistently comes into sharper focus

Growth executives Maya and Jake will debate the best recipes for predictable growth at a cost that maintains the right margin level for 2024’s economic climate. We will tackle:

  • Which paid channels are consistently performing

  • Effective analytics in a GA4 world

  • Data-driven testing and the opportunities it presents

  • Optimising the customer experience for greater repeat purchases

  • The risk of annoying customers with 1:1 marketing

Jake Newbould, Growth Marketing Director - Sarah Raven
Maya Traykova, Chief Product Officer - The Sole supplier
Ed Hamilton, Head of Marketing - Veloforte
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