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Forget "The Customer is Always Right" - In Today's Retail, They're in Charge! - Planet

25 Apr 2024
TECH Talks Theatre

Discover the evolving landscape of "table stakes" vs. differentiators in retail. We'll explore what separates a good experience from a great one, and how to leverage data to optimize online and in-store conversions for a truly customer-centric journey. Join us for this fireside chat hosted by payment experts Planet, leading cloud-based POS provider XY Retail and retail transformation guru Oliver Banks.

In this session:

  • Creating a Great Customer Journey: Learn strategies to create a seamless and customer-centric experience across all touchpoints, from browsing online to purchasing in-store.
  • Shifting Priorities: Understand how the baseline expectations for a good retail experience (table stakes) evolve. What was once considered a perk might now be considered essential.
  • Industry Expertise: Benefit from the combined knowledge of payment experts from Planet, a leading cloud-based POS provider (XY Retail), and retail transformation guru Oliver Banks.

Audience perks and prizes:

  • £50 Selfridges Voucher (donated by Planet)
  • £50 Voucher for Armarni (donated by XY Retail)
  • Driving Retail Transformation: How to navigate disruption and change, a book written by our speaker, Oliver Banks
  • Popcorn for the first 50 attendees
Oliver Banks, Consultant & Advisor - OB&Co
Tobias Caesari, SVP, Global Enterprise - Planet
Kalum Metcalf - XY Retail
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