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Our conference programme features the latest insights from some of the industry’s sharpest thinkers. Keep up-to-date with fast-moving industry trends and hear from the innovators driving things forward in retail.

From inspirational keynotes, retail experts, groundbreaking success stories, through to practical advice, the Retail Technology Show conference programme delivers invaluable ideas and practical takeaways, all designed to help enhance and improve your retail business.   

Six key tracks covered our 2022 conference programme - tackling the most pertinent issues and trends in the industry: 

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This crucial track focuses on ensuring you have the right leadership, values and culture to drive market share in today’s volatile market.  It will look at new leadership strategies for 2022, capitalising on new opportunities presented by the pandemic and how you can effectively embrace diversity, inclusion and sustainability.  

The track also features an open forum allowing you to ask a leading CEO your burning questions, how to strengthen your workforce through new employee engagement techniques and a future-gazing panel on preparing to capitalize on the retail market of 2025.


This essential track focuses on some of the key aspects of omnichannel strategy as well as looking at how to capitalise on the pandemic-related growth of eCommerce.  You’ll learn how to rethink omnichannel to reflect unprecedented disruption, what the new role of the store is in 2022, how to build a profitable marketplaces strategy and how to drive more sales and engagement through the single customer view. 

The track also enables you to predict what the store of the future will look like, understand the omnichannel customer journey more clearly and how you can use digital technology in store to re-energise the customer experience.


This engaging track focuses on capitalising on some of the key innovations and technology challenges that are getting retailers excited.  You’ll learn how to deliver clear business benefits from AI, foster an internal culture of innovation, drive engagement through in-store AR and maintain a cloud-first mentality.

The track also enables you to demystify the metaverse and its impact on retail,  ensure your cybersecurity is up to scratch, capitalise on the voice shopping opportunity and move from data management to real, actionable insight.   


This customer-centric track will help you drive store engagement by putting customer experience at the core of your store strategy, drive loyalty in a fickle market, establish a strong brand identity and achieve real ROI from your digital marketing. 

You’ll also learn how to increase profits through making personalisation more omnichannel, evaluate and meet increasing customer expectations, use AI to understand customer behaviour and deliver excellent online customer experiences over the next three years.


This essential track will enable you to strengthen your supply chain in the face of uncertainty, minimise the returns impact, increase omnichannel stock integrity and protect peak trading through rethinking supply chain staffing. 

You’ll also learn how to make your supply chain more sustainable, face the Brexit supply challenge, drive supply chain visibility through tech innovation and build an effective delivery strategy that meets your customers’ high expectations. 


This engaging track will help you understand what the rise of walk out checkout means for shopping, how you can capitalise on payment providers’ value-added services, how to migrate from cards to bank transfers and how to maximise the value of tokenisation successfully.   

The sessions also enable you to learn how to meet customers’ high payments expectations, boost sales through buy now pay later, improve customer experience through embracing smart POS and prepare for the payments opportunities of the next five years.   


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