• be Retail Social

  • Stream
  1. Headline Theatre
    30 mins
    • Assessing where the customer is in the adoption funnel for sustainable solutions
    • Understanding and testing ‘The 3 key C’s’ that drive a customer tipping point from existing to sustainable solutions
    • Setting up a parallel innovation programme to deliver sustainable innovation alongside business-as-usual innovation
    • Understanding the need to migrate the existing product or business P&L to the new shape sustainable one 
    • Busting the myths that sustainable solutions will always cost more
    • Digesting examples of sustainable fails and wins and what you can learn vs the 3 C’s 
  1. Headline Theatre
    20 mins
    1. What are customers' expectations of personalisation when their journey is across multiple touchpoints?
    2. How should retailers invest effectively in the single customer view and why is that so important for customer experience?
    3. How should retailers approach building a personalisation strategy that engages customers throughout their journey and maximises opportunities for profit?
    4. What are the key data challenges that restrict effective personalisation and how can they best be overcome?
    5. How can retailers ensure their personalisation initiatives are not viewed as intrusive?
    6. Which technologies offer the retailer the best ROI for driving digital customer experience?
  1. Headline Theatre
    30 mins
    • Understanding the magnitude of the waste generated in the fashion industry and the reasons why it’s happening
    • Evaluating why current methods don't solve the problem and the need of for new thinking
    • Embracing the new paradigm shift of Consumer to Business
    • Understanding how Amazon & Stylumia are working together to solve the challenge through consumer centricity
  1. Headline Theatre
    30 mins
    1. Why did you start Deliciously Ella and how would summarize its journey over the last nine years?
    2. How would you define Deliciously Ella today and how is that definition different from 2013?
    3. What does the Deliciously Ella community strategy look like and why has it been so successful in keeping its customers engaged? 
    4. How has your social media strategy developed over the last nine years and what advice would you give to a retailer undertaking a social media strategy today?
    5. What does brand authenticity look like in 2022 and how is this likely to develop?
    6. How important is a podcast to the marketing strategy of a retailer and what tips would you give for ensuring your customers engage with it? 
    7. How can retailers establish a strong enough brand identity to thrive even in a disruptive market?
    8. What key steps should retailer take to become a brand of purpose?
    9. How will Deliciously Ella develop over the next two years and what are you most excited about?
  1. Headline Theatre
    30 mins
    • Redefining the online and in-store customer experience 
    • Improving your customer experience strategy to differentiate from competitors and ensure brand messaging and authenticity
    • Making both online and store visits more experiential, entertaining and inspirational through face2face connectivity
    • Bringing the best of in-store to online shoppers
    • Personalising for your customers today and always
    • Increasing sales conversion, reduced cart abandonment and reduced returns
  1. Headline Theatre
    30 mins
    1. How has Coronavirus impacted customer expectations from retailers over the last two years?  
    2. Which tools and techniques can retailers use to better understand the expectations of customers in the current environment? 
    3. What do customer service teams need to do to meet these increased expectations? 
    4. How has the sustainability agenda impacted what customers expect of retailers and how should retailers respond?  
    5. How can retailers use their brand identity to meet customer expectations? 
    6. How can retailers maximise loyalty when customer expectations are so high? 
    7. How are customer expectations likely to develop over the next 18 months and what should retailers be doing today to prepare? 
  1. Headline Theatre
    45 mins

    The moderator will ask some of the following questions as well as asking the audience to offer some questions of their own :

    1. How will the online customer experiences of 2025 differ from 2022 and how can the industry prepare today to deliver upon them?
    2. How will AI be used to improve online customer experiences over the next three years?
    3. Which recent technology innovations will deliver the best experiences for customers online in three years times and how can retailers embrace them effectively?
    4. What will customers expect of the delivery experience in 2025 and how can this best be achieved?
    5. What role will social media play in excellent customer experience over the next three years?
    6. How will we take the best experiences of stores and translate them online by 2025?
    7. How important will AR and VR be in the online customer experience of 2025?
    8. What brand values will be a more important part of online customer experience over the next three years?
    9. How can omnichannel retailers best compete with the pureplays in the area of online customer experience?