Afternoon Keynote Fireside Chat With: Tinie and Sam Jones

26 Apr 2022
Headline Theatre
  1. For those who are not familiar with Gener8, can you give us a quick summary of the company, your business model and what has been achieved to date? 
  2. Tinie,-Sam’s pitch on Dragon’s Den was described by the Dragons as the best pitch ever and secured investment from three Dragons.  What made you want to invest in Gener8 and become a partner in the business?   
  3. You’ve mentioned in the past that your current aim is to turn Gener8 into a £1 Billion business by 2030.  How do you plan to achieve that? 
  4. Tinie- How have you diversified in business to thrive during the pandemic? 
  5. Gener8 went viral during the pandemic.  How has this explosive growth impacted building your team and leading its culture?   
  6. Gener8 is a new, disruptive technology innovation for consumers to easily make money online.  What other new innovations do you think retailers should take the most notice of in the next 18 months?    
  7. Tinie- you’ve recently been quoted as saying NFTS can free musicians from slavery.  What did you mean by that and what are the wider implications of NFTs for the eCommerce industry?  
  8. Sam-You are currently advising the government on data and privacy. How do think things will develop and what does that mean for retail in general and retail marketing?
  9. How will Google's plan to ban 3rd party cookies by the end of 2023 will impact Gener8? 
  10. Open to the audience for questions  
Sam Jones, Entrepreneur and Innovator, Founder & CEO - Gener8
Tinie ., Rapper / Entrepreneur