Fireside Chat : Driving Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility Through Insight And Technology Innovation

27 Apr 2022
Theatre A
  1. What level of supply chain visibility is required in 2022 to drive market share and profit?
  2. How can retailers move effectively from data management to real supply chain actionable insight ? 
  3. How can retailers better understand how every part of the supply chain works together to make smarter decisions and improved ordering?
  4. How can retailers automate communications with carriers to ensure information is both dependable and timely?
  5. What does the blockchain mean for retail supply chain and what should retailers be doing to embrace it?      
  6. How can retailers get real ROI from  prescriptive analytics? 
Carl Boutet, Lead Advisor - McGill University Retail Innovation Lab & Course Instructor, Masters in Retail,  New Technologies & Business Models