Afternoon Keynote Fireside Chat : Maximizing Customer Engagement Through Building A Community-Based, Authentic Brand

27 Apr 2022
Headline Theatre
  1. Why did you start Deliciously Ella and how would summarize its journey over the last nine years?
  2. How would you define Deliciously Ella today and how is that definition different from 2013?
  3. What does the Deliciously Ella community strategy look like and why has it been so successful in keeping its customers engaged? 
  4. How has your social media strategy developed over the last nine years and what advice would you give to a retailer undertaking a social media strategy today?
  5. What does brand authenticity look like in 2022 and how is this likely to develop?
  6. How important is a podcast to the marketing strategy of a retailer and what tips would you give for ensuring your customers engage with it? 
  7. How can retailers establish a strong enough brand identity to thrive even in a disruptive market?
  8. What key steps should retailer take to become a brand of purpose?
  9. How will Deliciously Ella develop over the next two years and what are you most excited about?
Ella Mills, Founder and Brand Director - Deliciously Ella