Fireside Chat Interview : Perishable Delivery - Perfecting The Final Mile

27 Apr 2022
Theatre A
  1. The title of our session mentions perishable products, could you share some more detail around the key differences between perishable vs non-perishable deliveries when it comes to the final mile?
  2. Given the perishable nature of your product, how do you go about selecting the right carriers to partner with?
  3. Is there anything beyond just selecting the right carrier that makes a tangible difference to customer experience?
  4. What else does Hello Fresh use data for in logistics?
  5. Are there any other businesses, whether perishable or non-perishable, who you look up to up in the final mile space, and what is it that wins your admiration?
  6. How, if at all, has the pandemic changed the way Hello Fresh approaches final mile delivery?
  7. What is the innovation you would most like to see to support the development of perishable delivery?
Bobby Amirahmadi, UK Logistics Director - Hello Fresh