Fireside Chat Interview: Leveraging Payments To Drive Authentic Purpose In Business For Colleagues, Customers And Communities

27 Apr 2022
Theatre B
  1. What are the key drivers and risks for putting purpose at the heart of business from a colleague, customer and brand perspective? 
  2. Given the very real challenges on society with rising costs in supply chain for retailers and increased prices for consumer ….is this being put on hold for a while or how are businesses responding ?
  3. There has been an increased focus on ESG from shareholders – which of the E, S or G are companies really focused on – is it not all about the impact of climate change?
  4. Can you highlight for those who don’t know, what the Pennies charity does and how retailers can leverage existing payment systems to support delivery of authentic purpose in action?
  5. What are the real benefits that micro donations offer to retailers, charities and technology partners?
  6. Have micro-donations been used to support the humanitarian relief efforts fall out from Ukraine crisis? Who decides ? How long would it take to change charities?  
  7. What are the multichannel considerations when leveraging micro donations? 
  8. Is 2022 a tipping point for micro-donations and what should the retail sector be doing today to prepare themselves for the ongoing landscape change?    
Alison Hutchinson CBE, CEO Pennies, NED, LV + Senior Independent Director - Pennies, DFS plc, Foresight Group Holdings and Yorkshire Building Society