Case Study : The Need For Speed : Enhancing Omnichannel Retail Through Prioritising A Culture Of Organisational Agility

26 Apr 2022
Headline Theatre
  • Evaluating the technology, tools and culture that help retailers become faster and more flexible
  • Bridging the gap between technology and people to implement a new agile way of working
  • Understanding the fresh thinking, challenges, risks and compromises of prioritising organisational agility
  • Aligning people, technology and finance under a common objective to enhance the omnichannel experience.
  • Assessing the business, technology and customer benefits for retailers who want to deliver Unified Commerce and omnichannel solutions in store themselves.
Florian Westerdahl, Chief Technology Officer - Lindex
Therese Blom, Sales Channels Operations Manager - Lindex
Julius Carrell, Head of Enterprise - Enactor